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Carta de Waldo Frank, 27/2/1929

Croton on Hudson, N.Y., 27 de febrero de 1929
Dear Brother Mariátegui,
I have just received your letter of Dec. 10, although illness has so far prevented me from seeing Malanca —whom, however, I hope to have lunch with in New York, next Friday. Doubtless, in the meantime, you have received a letter from me, about your Siete Ensayos, your generous note on Virgin Spain, and the possibility of my being in Lima, next year. I hope I shall have word from you soon, about all these matters.
Meantime, there is a specific question I wish to ask your help in. I am from now on, going to do what I can to introduce American literature and art into North America. I am, for instance, going to edit an anthology of Argentinian Tales. I want, as well, to edit a volume of Inca Tales, or of Tales from Peru. This book will be published by Doubleday Doran one of our best houses —with an introduction by me (unless you would care to write it), and with reproductions of a few of those magnificent works of Peruvian Art, which I have been admiring all long in Amauta. Do you think you could help me in this task—the making of a beautiful Peruvian book, as a means of introducing the real Peru to the north American public?
If so, may I ask you to send me whatever stories or collections of stories by various authors (dead or alive) deal with Peruvian or Inca life? Whatever expense there is attached to this, I shall of course gladly pay. I do hope you will cooperate with me in this project.
I have just been reading (following your book) Haya Delatorre’s Emancipación de América Latina. If you write to him, please convey to him my deepest admiration and respect: tell him that I am with him, heart and soul, in his great movement.
I don’t have to tell you, brother, that I am, heart and soul, with you.
yours, ever
Waldo Frank

PERMANENT ADDRESS: 173 Riverside Drive, New York
Cable Address: KNARF NEWYORK

P. S. If there are enough good stories of Inca life —ancient + modern, I would call the book Inca Tales. If not, we could include others -preferably tales of the people. One or two stories about the town life —Lima, Callao, Cuzco— might also be added. I will pay for all books sent me - + also for the use of stories by living authors.

Frank, Waldo

Carta de Waldo Frank, 2/7/1928

New York, 2 de julio [de 1928]
Sr. Don José Carlos Mariátegui
Lima, Perú.
Dear friend,
I wrote you some time ago, telling you with what delight I have been reading Amauta. It is a remarkable magazine; and I have a very real sense of the importance of the work you are doing. It means a good deal to me, to be able to count you among my friends.
I noticed with pleasure that you have been publishing certain chapters of my Re-Discovery of America. I am glad that you considered it worth publishing. I shall have to ask you, however, to cease these publications. I am trying to sell the Spanish rights of this book to a newspape— and I cannot afford to lose the possibility of earning this money, through the appearance in Amauta in which I receive no pay. Will you kindly tell Sr. Garro (whose address I do not have) that I thank him for his interest; that I am delighted to know that he is translating Our America for Glusberg of Buenos Aires but that I hope he is not translating any more parts of the new book?
Do let me hear from you. It is a long long time since I have had a letter from you, personally. I wonder indeed if you received my last one. And I shall be wondering if this word reaches you, until you assure me.
cordially yours
Waldo Frank

Frank, Waldo