Bailey Island, Me.



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Bailey Island, Me.

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Bailey Island, Me.

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Bailey Island, Me.

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Bailey Island, Me.

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Carta de Waldo Frank, 25/7/1926

Bailey Island. Me., 25 de julio de 1926
Dear Friend,
I have nor written you, since I received your book and since you sent your so penetrating and so generous discussion of Rahab. I was happy to read your Escena Contemporanea and to learn from it how close and parallel our awareness of life and our approach to our epoch’s problems are. I feel, that I have won, in distant Peru, a true deep friend and I am grateful.
Tell me, do you read English? If so, I should like to send you books of mine which have not as yet appeared in translation. I feel that I have the right to call on you to read me fully. On the other hand if you are not familiar with English, please tell me, in order that I may henceforth to write you in French (I read Spanish, but I fear I am not at home enough in that language to write a letter in it, without horrible mistakes).
I have read with greatest interest the two issues of El Sembrador sent me by Ramirez i Castillo. How refreshing it is, to learn that there are bodies in South America with such clear, strong purposes. How I wish I could more actually join you! That is the misery of our time: it is so incredibly hard to turn vision and our right impulse into Act. A Union of Latin America— that would be the best thing not alone for all of you, but for us too. If we in the U.S. could realise the existence, south of us, of a mature, integrated world, it would help to sober us from the insane and unchallenged madness of our material success.
You must realise ––all of yo–– that I am with you in spirit. The America I am concerned with is one that can only consider your own America in the light of an equal. And as to you, personally, dear Mariategui, I am happy that you have been moved by my work to write as you have written: I am happy that you are there, at work like myself in the great adventure of making of America a new world indeed. I hope that our realisations will grow closer. I salute you, with deep gratitude and thanksgiving and joyousness.
Waldo Frank
c/O Boni & Liveright
61 West 48 Street
New York

Frank, Waldo